Everything You Need  To Create Excellent Health

 Take control of your health and the future of your health with these comprehensive digital tools available for you and your entire family. There are countless reasons to choose a healthy lifestyle – but making the transition can be very overwhelming. AP Health Academy Ebooks and Courses break down the most important easy-to-follow steps in creating excellent health. 

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Health Academy eBooks & Downloads

EBooks are an incredibly useful tool to guide you to excellent health. Whether you're needing easy and effective health protocols (that work), guidance on detoxing and participating in a juice cleanse, or if you need health support for your kids, it's all included and listed in the downloads below. Plus you can keep them forever as a handy resource guide, anytime you need help NOW you can reference the ebooks for 24/7 support.

Essential Oil Education eBook: 2nd Edition

An 80-page detailed explanation of the ailments and conditions listed in the Ask Polina Group including all the responses, in details, of how to use the EO for each condition and how to effectively help the body heal itself.

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Juice Cleanse eBook

Participating in a 3 day Juice Cleanse is an extremely effective way to clean out the body from the inside out. Download this eBook for 11 pages of incredibly useful information on creating empowerment and excellent health. The Juice Cleanse is a powerful way to detox and CLEAN out the body.

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CV Expanded: Version 2 eBook

The nasty C Virus has taken the world by storm and has created all kinds of chaos. This CV Guide will give you up-to-date information you need on taking care of your health in the most optimal way along with clear, precise protocols to keep you safe from this virus and any variant that comes along.

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30 Day Cleanse eBook

This download will give you access to Polina's 30 day 17 page eBook which explains a simple and super effective way to clean your body from the inside out. Polina has tried and tested this cleanse for the last 10 years and has proved its effectiveness for many people on transforming their health.

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Nutrition Foundations

Learn the basics of nutrition and health management with this 10 Module course. Excellent tool for the beginner looking to improve their health or the advanced health expert who would like to learn more about the bodies powerful healing ability.


Becoming Vegan

Say goodbye to meat and dairy for good with this easy-to-follow 5-step system. Being Vegan is fun and guarantees a better quality life!


Intro to Essential Oils

Understand the basics of Essential Oils, where they come from, the science, and how to use them for the top 100 most common health issues. A detailed look at almost every EO and how it impacts your body in a positive way. 


Get off your Meds

Build and maintain excellent health with this 6-week step-by-step course on transitioning to natural methods of healing and getting off the methods that are keeping you sick.


Holistic Anatomy for Beginners

The increasing acceptance of complementary and alternative medicine has led to the development of new approaches to treating various health conditions. This course aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the body's anatomy and physiology, as well as explore how it interacts with its surroundings. 


Mastering Visualization for Excellent Health