31 Days of Frankincense LIVE VIDEOS every day!!! FB Page: Ask Polina
31 Days of Frankincense LIVE VIDEOS every day!!! FB Page: Ask Polina
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Polina in My Pocket

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Your Questions ANSWERED Now.
Get a Personalized EO Protocol from ME to YOU in 48 hours! 

SUPER excited to announce a new service: Polina in my Pocket! For the next 48 hours GET your QUESTIONS answered personally from ME and always have Polina in Your Pocket. I know you want to help yourself, your family, your friends, and your loved ones GET HEALTHY but don't always know where to get your questions answered! Now you can get them answered from me within 48 hours! 

Here's How it Works:

Step 1: CLICK BUY NOW button below and purchase your ANSWERS for your questions. For each question you'll receive a personalized EO protocol with what oils to use, how to use them, how often, and for how many days. Each PURCHASE = 1 ANSWER! If you'd like more than one protocol then just purchase as many protocols as you'd like! 

Step 2: Once you Click on the link and purchase your answer, You'll receive a downloadable file that gives you two ways to contact me directly. 

Step 3: When you receive confirmation and the information on how to contact me and get your questions answered, please message me in with your full name, screen shot of your purchase, and your question.
Step 4: You'll get confirmation of your message received and your protocol will be delivered to you within 48 hours.