Essential Oils Course: Blended Oils
Essential Oils Course: Blended Oils

Essential Oils Course: Blended Oils

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12 day Blended Essential Oils Course

This 12 day Essential Oils Course is everything you have ever asked for in knowledge of the Blended Essential Oils out there. Have you always wondered about the science behind Essential oils? How they work so well? How do Essential Oils penetrate the cell membrane? How to use Essential Oils to live your healthiest life? Are you interested in the detailed information about maximizing use on Essential Oil information? You've found the right course!! Every BLENDED OILS COURSE is a deep dive in the world of the Blended Essential Oils - just as the Single Oils Course - this class is about the Blended oils and the actual application and use of Essential Oils medicinally. This course will BLOW YOUR MIND with all the amazing information that I will share with you about the BLENDED oils. 

Once you purchase this course you receive an email with a PDF Download for instructions on how to JOIN the course! Please make sure to answer all the questions to enter the course group. This course is taught on Facebook in a private Facebook group!

Make sure to join my fb group: Ask Polina for TONS of information and get your personal healthy questions answered directly from me! Click on the link to join:

This is a pre-recorded course, If you are joining mid session or after the session is over don't worry you can go through the course starting with POST 1 by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page and follow right along with us. Another way to find relevant videos on the oils are by using the search bar on the top right corner of the group - type in the name of the oil and then find the video that correlates to the oil.

This course goes over EVERY BLENDED OIL created from my favorite Essential Oils Company in the world and does not cover any SINGLE OILS. For information on Single Oils please join the Single Oils Course through the shop page. The information shared in this group is personalized and private meaning you cannot share this information publicly. You can however teach similar information in a private session or in a private group. I am not a doctor and I make no claims on the miraculous uses of these oils! (Even though I believe they are absolutely miracles)


I am in Maui, Hawaii in the US and provide upload-able files to everyone in this group to use - they are located in the files tab section of the course.