Discovered & Uncovered: Vaccines

Discovered & Uncovered: Vaccines

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Ooooooooh this HOT TOPIC is being Discovered & Uncovered by Polina! This next Episode of Discovered & Uncovered will reveal lots of deep juicy information on VACCINES and our incredible powerful body that if using the proper tools can heal itself. PLEASE Register ASAP to get a spot!

VACCINES: Sunday, September 27th

11am Hawaii Time / 2pm PST / 5pm EST

Join Polina in this incredible Episode of understanding what are VACCINES doing to our body along with how we can empower our body to HEAL itself even from diseases which we think could be incurable. 

Once this class is purchased please download the digital file and save the ZOOM ID for the day of the class. When the class starts go to your ZOOM app on your phone or ZOOM website and click JOIN MEETING. Add the ID for the ZOOM meeting and click JOIN.