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31 Days of Frankincense LIVE VIDEOS every day!!! FB Page: Ask Polina
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RECORDING: Becoming Diamond: Strategic Enrolling Hacks
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RECORDING: Becoming Diamond: Strategic Enrolling Hacks

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GET SUPER EXCITED because Polina is going to take you on a journey of sharing her FAVORITE Enrolling Hacks in this incredible Class Series on Becoming Diamond. Polina has been in Network Marketing for over 7 years and successfully achieved the Rank of DIAMOND enrolling between 20-40 people a month! Learn her favorite TIPS & HACKS on enrolling people to your Team! These tips can be used for ANY Network Marketing Team and can be applied to creating connection with customers AND builders! 

Things you'll learn in this class:

  • Polina's Favorite ways to Easily Enroll People
  • How to attract the EXACT Customers and Builders YOU want for your team
  • How to BUILD confidence in speaking to people 
  • Creating the community you want in your team
  • Fast track to Diamond the EASY way

Network Marketing is an INCREDIBLE way to build residual income and a beautiful community of like minded people. There are a tremendous amount of benefits but it can seem overwhelming and daunting to create a Diamond Team! Don't worry though, Polina has you covered. Learn her tips that actually WORK and grow your team to the success that you have always dreamed of! 

TO GET THE RECORDING: Once this class is purchased please download the digital file and save the BITLY LINK to watch the RECORDING. When you are ready to view the recording open your WEB BROWSER and enter the BITLY link EXACTLY as it is shown in the downloaded Image (Capitalization is important). Downloading and sharing of the link is NOT permitted. 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this class is for educational purposes only. The stories shared and discussed are my own experiences. All my opinions are my own. You are responsible for your own health. Please advise with a doctor or your health care practitioner before using any alternative healing modalities.