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Breaking the Negative Cycle & Patterns Ebook

Most of our childhood relied on making sense of events and situations in the home that were not explained or understood. Often times, we didn't know what was happening and those moments created negative patterns. Conflicts in relationships with your most significant figures, such as your mom and dad, dictated how you would create the cycles and patterns of your adult relationships. This guide teaches you effective ways to recognize, identify, and break the negative cycle and patterns in your relationships and the relationship between your children. 

What's included:

  • The Science of Emotional Connection
  • Emotions, Disconnections, and Attachment
  • Why Children behave the way they do and why Parents respond the way they do
  • Triggers, Raw Spots, and Emotions
  • Automatic Thoughts, Protective Behaviors, and Negative Cycles
  • Creating a new Positive Cycle
  • Reconnecting and Mastering the Emotional Language

The Emotional Connection process is a newly evolving structured approach for increasing effectiveness in parenting and the ability to raise emotionally connected and balanced children. It addresses parent-child disconnections to quickly stop conflicts and get them both back into a positive connected relationship.

Emotional Connection is a method based on well-researched brain-science and attachment theory. It focuses on the emotional bond children form with their parents and with their siblings when they are young. If parents know how to be there for their children on an emotional level and create an emotionally safe environment for them, then children will thrive and be able to deal with conflicts and challenges in any relationship. This is an incredibly useful tool that they will use for the rest of their life.