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Get Off Your Meds Course

Are you fed up with popping pills to manage symptoms as opposed to dealing with the root of the issue?

This course teaches you to get to the bottom of your ailment/condition while managing your symptoms, with the goal to get off the meds and lead your body naturally back into balance so it can heal itself. Natural and alternative remedies have been successful for centuries. We can choose to learn from these ancient practices as well as some more modern ones. By focusing on the whole person, we can create a healthy lifestyle, which solves the ailments and conditions of an unhealthy one.


What’s included:

  • Education on allopathic medicine vs. homeopathic medicine
  • Education on the advantages of a healthy diet and personal health maintenance
  • How to become aware of the natural remedies that help in both the prevention and treatment of illness
  • Discover various techniques to reduce medications and transform them into natural remedies
  • Learn what synthetic medications are doing to your body and to your health
  • Learn how to avoid common side effects of over-the-counter medications
  • Address serious health issues along with your everyday ailments and conditions
  • Deal naturally with specific symptoms, diagnosed illnesses, and general conditions which fight the body’s attempt to heal itself
  • Discover the benefits of creating a titration/tapering plan and learn how to create one
  • Learn to heal your body by creating a healing environment
  • Lifetime access to course materials, including .pdfs, audio recordings, and any updates